G2LI (Global Information Infrastructure Laboratory's Language Identifier) Web Application
Language identification engine developed by ycchew, using in LOP and CDG projects.

Language Identification on URL

Language Identification on File

In the galaxy of languages, every word is a star -- UNESCO

The Language Observatory Project (LOP) sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency and supported by UNESCO, UNDP is a project of the Nagaoka University of Technology in Japan which aims at surveying the use of languages on the Internet as a means of creating public awareness of the 'digital language divide', the so called 'languages falling through the net'.

Country Domain Project (CDG) is a research project sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency which addresses all aspects of research related to domain governance and linguistic diversity of the Internet.

We are looking for participants from all over the world. Please contact us if you are interest to participate in the project(s).

Thank You.

Dr. Yoshiki Mikami (Project Coordinator)
Nagaoka University of Technology